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Class Focus: Fitness & Conditioning

Class Focus: Fitness & Conditioning

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Your success at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is dependant on a number of key concepts. You will spend the beginning learning the techniques and procedures but it is the additional work you put in as you progress, that will determine if you go from good to great.

Here at Gracie Barra Scotland, we are proud to offer a number of classes to assist participants to make this progression. We will be running a new feature on the classes available and which ones would be best for you to participate in:

Class Focus: Fitness & Conditioning

What Fitness & Conditioning
Led by Professor Gillon
Suitable for Anyone who wants to improve their fitness and overall conditioning, by developing their cardio-vascular endurance, strength, speed and muscle development.

This class is ideal for those club members who are looking to improve their endurance for rolling, speed and flexibility for transitioning between positions etc.

Those students who are looking to compete and need to become fitter athetically.

This class is ideal for those people who are bored with the gym and need something more challenging. It is a chance to develop your fitness, in a fun environment, to some great music.

Open to
  • Male and female
  • All fitness levels
  • Club members and non-members
Consists of
  • Body-weight exercises
  • Kick-boxing pad work
  • Kettle-bell movements
  • Partner work and personal challenges
Key Notes The challenges set evolve each week and keep things fun, challenging and motivating.

There are set challenges which are focused on the individual and with a partner.

This is a tough class but it is staggered in a set way to build your confidence and mental strength and learn how to push yourself further each week. You will learn how to keep your chin up, try for one more rep, one more swing or to go that little bit harder. Professor Gillon will help you discover your true ability and what you are capable of.

There is a strong team spirit in the class, and the class will help keep you motivated and pushing towards your goal.

Professor Gillon has a long history of training BJJ practitioners, fitness participants and everything in between, and will help you get into shape, regardless of the point you start from.

  • Free to club members
  • £5 per class to non-members
Date & Time Thursdays, 6-7pm
Frequency Weekly
How to join the class
  • Members: Attend as above and sign in as normal
  • Non-members: please email to book to a place, using the contact form here


What do the participants say about the class
The fitness class at Gracie Barra is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their fitness, strength, power, figure and confidence. Ricky includes kickboxing routines, kettlebells circuits and ab workouts to create a conditioning class, perfect for both someone who is new to fitness, and to the seasoned fitness fanatic. Ricky helps you push yourself to a new level of fitness, which in turn, affects your life outside of the gym. Your self-esteem and confidence skyrockets, allowing to face everyday life with more positivity and mental strength. Trust me, you’ll notice the effect this class has on your shape and mental health within a week or two. Get stuck in!

Joe Armstrong

Blue Belt


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