Jiu jitsu for everyone caters to all. From the average person looking for general fitness improvements, to people looking for a new hobby and for those looking to make new friends. For some, it is an opportunity to compete so you can see, Jiu Jitsu really is ‘For Everyone’.

There is no pressure to compete. It is a part of the sport but it’s more about getting fit and learning a new skill. Some people decide they want to test out there skills and decide to try competing, it’s more of an individual choice though .

Belt promotions are there ‘For Everyone’. If you are training regularly then you will. You should receive your belts as you progress. You can set any goals along the way if you decide. These promotions should not be based on your instructors ego, or the reputation of the gym, it’s your own hard work and dedication.

So keep enjoying your training. Get into a safe environment, relax, have a good time and most of all enjoy your journey.