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Jiu Jitsu Testimonial

"I have been training with gracie barra scotland for about three years. I started with fitness training but became interested in the jiu jitsu through the fitness training. Since starting training here I have lost three stones in weight, become fitter than I ever thought I could be at the age of 46 and won a silver and bronze medal in jiu jitsu competition. I couldn't recommend this training enough."

Personal Trainer Testimonial

"Ricky provides a balanced view on how you can achieve your goals and what you need to do in order to reach them and beyond, but more importantly its a holistic view. He will discuss diet, training plans and answer any questions that you have, without pushing an agenda. The only thing that you have to bring is your willpower, a desire to push yourself and your limits, along with an open mind as to what exercise can achieve." Jenny

Fitness Testimonial

"I have always done training, been to a lot of gyms that had kettlebells but was never shown the routines and the proper techniques. I am now loving my kettlebell training and i am strong enough to flip tractor tyres, I am fitter than most ladies half my age, most people my age are afraid of the hard work . i love it" Joyce