British Champion

Congratulations to young Corey Kennedy from Gracie Barra Glasgow recently won Gold medal in London to become the British champion age...

The Benefits of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

WHY SHOULD YOU TRAIN BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU (BJJ)? There are many phenomenal reasons to start training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu but the benefits are not always obvious to someone who has never stepped foot onto the sacred mats. So this week, we are going to look at the...

Class Focus: Personal Training w/ Prof Gillon

At Gracie Barra Scotland, we run a variety of training classes to help you become the best version of yourself possible. We are continuing our look at the classes and which ones may be best suited to you to help with your development. CLASS FOCUS: Personal Training w/...

Class Timetable

Find out the latest Class Schedules across all our programmes here.

Kids Classes

Gracie Barra Glasgow Scotland has a program for children called “Future Champions.”

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Competition Training

There are many reasons to begin BJJ. Some start to get fit, some to learn self-defence, others to make new friends. However, there is a number, who join to compete, to test themselves against others, to seek where their limit is, the effectiveness of their technique and where they compare to other BJJ practitioners.

Private Coaching

Private classes are specifically designed to fit your needs and goal. To get started , click here. We’ll set an appointment for you so we can evaluate and build a program for you. There are many options available.

Women's Only Training

Each session is be led by women for women. The sessions will focus on key self-defense techniques as well as the fundamental concepts of BJJ in a safe and controlled environment.

Our Training Facilities

Our Glasgow HQ Martial Arts & fitness facility is committed to providing the highest quality training available and is proud to say that we provide a positive, professional learning environment.

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We are located just underneath the Central Station bridge,you can contact us at:

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It is a five-minute walk from Glasgow Central Railway station, based under the archways, opposite the Water Tour sign on the other side of the road. There are also nearby bus stops and taxi ranks too.

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