There are many phenomenal reasons to start training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu but the benefits are not always obvious to someone who has never stepped foot onto the sacred mats. So this week, we are going to look at the various benefits for training BJJ and why you need to start now to change your life.


Area Benefits
  • Body Transformation – BJJ is a fantastic alternative to a fad diet, you will lose the additional pounds and at the same time, build muscle, have improved endurance and look awesome in your clothes. You will find your energy level soars, you will become stronger, you will learn to push past your comfort zone and push your body further than you thought you would ever be able to do.


  • Become a Supple Ninja – Your flexibility will vastly increase, by learning the fundamental concepts of BJJ, you will learn how to move your body as one, how to move fluidly, your hips will become looser, you can move faster, rotate and spin into positions you would only have considered impossible previously!


  • Learn to defend yourself – You will learn how to use your body, leverage, pressure, and tempo to control a potential attacker and defend yourself. You will learn that you do not need to look for a fight to prove yourself but your confidence will sky-rocket when you know you can take care of yourself if you need to.


  • You will forget what your doctor looks like – As you train, you will become healthier, probably more than you thought possible. You will find you no longer ache after standing for a while, you won’t groan getting out of a chair or playing with your kids or picking up a box. BJJ training will make your life easier to live.
  • Learn how to play human chess against your opponent – BJJ is a fantastic sport in that it is you against your opponent and nothing in between. You learn how to control your body and your opponent into a position to take advantage. You will learn how to think a few steps ahead and beat your opponent with your mind as much as your body. By learning BJJ, your critical thinking and problem-solving will improve as you learn how to work around your opponent’s moves, break and pass their guard, manoeuvre them into a strong position, secure your setup and then initiate your submission. It becomes an addictive challenge each roll, and something that you will love to do, to learn how to use your physical and mental skills together to defeat your opponent.


  • Learning machine – Practising BJJ will become something you love to do. You will find that your interest in learning will greatly improve as you learn how deep and varied BJJ is, and how you can design a style that fits your own personality and it will become part of you. As you will want to take personal lessons with your professor, chase the next tab on your belt, learn the next moves etc, you will find the love for learning will leak into the other areas of your life and you will want to broaden your horizons and develop yourself as a person as you go along the BJJ journey. To become great at the moves, you will need to become dedicated to practising and repping and drilling the moves over and over, and this attention to detail will make all areas of your life more efficient and effective.


  • Good replaces bad – BJJ training becomes addictive. You will love your time on the mats, as you learn more about the sport, and more importantly about yourself and what you are truly capable of. You tend to find the mindless habits you once had, like smoking or drinking, are replaced by training, and becoming a star at BJJ!
  • Find your Zen – Martial arts are fantastic to help teach you how to control your emotions, by practising the various positions and learning that you are far more capable than you ever thought possible, your confidence in your abilities will sky-rocket and you will learn to be at peace with yourself.


  • Tame racing emotions – You will learn how to control your emotions when rolling, when your opponent is in a dominant position, and you will learn to slow your thinking, control your feelings and instead of panicking, you will learn how to look for a way to strengthen your position and move towards a better position to try and win. Outside of the gym, you will find yourself calmer, mild hinderances in your day won’t bother you as much and life will feel more tranquil and peaceful.


  • Say good-bye to your stress – You can come into the gym stressed about your day, worrying about what happened at work or your Car MOT or hundreds of other things but after attending our training sessions, you will leave the gym feeling calm, collected and able to focus clearly again and get a good night sleep.
  • Become part of a family – At GB Glasgow, you will be introduced to many amazing people, it is impossible not to make new friends and building lasting friendships. At GB Glasgow, we have people from all walks of life, all ages, male and female and from all backgrounds and different jobs. Anyone can become part of the great family we have at GB Glasgow and you should join us today.


  • Become a pupil again – BJJ teaches respect to your team-mates and your professor and coaches. Furthermore, it promotes you to show humility and respect towards your club and professor and the sport in general. As all new students start from the beginning in BJJ, regardless of their age or previous life experience, you learn how to be patient, ask questions, listen to instructions, and how to become a beginner again. It will open up a side of you that may have been dormant since school and the joy of discovery and learning will come back rapidly.


  • Love the view in the mirror – BJJ practitioners are shown to be at least 23.45% more attractive to potential partners. Just saying!



Why Train Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a question I asked some of my students and what has it done for them. Most responded with things like, “I lost so much 

weight,” or, “My body is so much more flexible now.” Some talk about how much strength they have gained or how they are in better shape. The fact that Brazilian jiu-jitsu will change your body cannot be denied. You can physically see your body changing with every day or week. What you can’t see is the improvements in your overall health as a result of training.”

Professor Ricky Gillon



For me, the benefits of jujitsu have been many. Firstly and most obviously physical benefits have been incredible. 14 years ago when I registered with my current GP and at that point, I was told my blood pressure was high and if I didn’t wake up, I’d need medication but I didn’t change. By simply doing jujitsu for about 10 years, when I saw my GP, I was told that my blood pressure was absolutely transformed and not only that but my heart rate was at the level that they would expect of an athlete. As someone who was 54 and who spends his days sitting at a desk or talking to people in meetings, this has been quite incredible to be told that I have a heart rate of an athlete.

Psychologically jujitsu really helps everyone to really come to terms with who they are as a person. It helps us all develop an idea of a room for abilities but also how to get over and get beyond barriers that we see in front of us. The practice of jujitsu involves regular live sparring with other people. That means that whoever good we are however long we have trained we find that others will overcome us at times. This process of getting knocked down teaches us to get back up again. This is a very important lesson and very good for psychological health and helping us to deal with the notes that we take in everyday life. The other major psychological benefit of jujitsu is the problem-solving element within it.jiu-jitsu is like physical chess, we must develop our strategy and then deal with the barriers that we find placed in front of us. This problem-solving process is one that we then take off the mat as important skills in the rest of our lives.

Finally, jiu-jitsu is a social activity bringing us into contact with others. I have found that I know a wide range of people through jiu-jitsu that I would never have known otherwise. I once read of a musician who as part of a recovery process from drug and alcohol issues had taken up martial arts. He talked of the “spiritual healing of martial arts” and that is a concept I can certainly relate to. No one can practice jiu-jitsu on their own. The process of getting together with others to learn and develop creates a common purpose. That purpose enriches lives.”

Coach Iain Macaulay



As you can see, there are numerous benefits to starting and training BJJ. So we hope you are keen to start and train in this life-changing martial art.

If you are interested in joining the GB Glasgow family, and would like to meet the coaching staff, see the facilities and meet some great people, learn some great self-defence lessons with some cracking music, you can sample a free lesson right now.