Glasgow Kick Boxing

Glasgow Kickboxing
Glasgow Kickboxing, based out of Gracie Barra Scotland and run by Allan and Martyn Shannon. Both 2nd degree black belts with 15 years experience under their belts and who have also received training from some of the world’s best Kickboxing athletes.

The Kickboxing syllabus includes striking, locking, trapping, effective self defense as well as rigorous strength and conditioning. Allan and Martyn are constantly working at evolving the sport in order to give their students and edge in everything they do.

Training involves the use of focus mitts, pads and shadow boxing and if the student want to raise their game, competition is optional. There’s also a fully structured grading program available.

One of the aspects of the club that Allan and Martyn are most proud of is that they’re a non profit organisation. All funds generated through the classes are fed straight back into the club or used to subsidise travel for the competition team.

For the most up to date times for Glasgow Kickboxing classes check the timetable.