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by | Dec 27, 2018 |

There are many reasons to begin BJJ. Some start to get fit, some to learn self-defence, others to make new friends. However, there is a number, who join to compete, to test themselves against others, to seek where their limit is, the effectiveness of their technique and where they compare to other BJJ practitioners.

With this in mind, GB Glasgow is delighted to announce the beginning of a new competition team with specialist training for team members.

The training:

  • Classes are scheduled to begin in early January after the festive break.
  • Is aimed at those pupils who wish to compete in local, national or international level.
  • Is open to all GB Glasgow current Pupils who are at ‘three tab’ white belt or above, with regular attendance at the GB2 classes also a requirement.
  • Is competition focused, with advanced conditioning components, point scoring, technique drills, sparring development and high-intensity competitive rolling.
  • Will be used to select team members. Suitable team members will be selected based on performance, fitness, demonstration of technique, understanding of BJJ concepts and skill level.
  • Is offered in addition to the standard GB1 (Fundamentals) and GB2 (Advanced) classes. Attendance at the normal classes is expected and non-attendance may preclude becoming/remaining a team member.
  • Will be set-up to demonstrate a student’s desire to compete, to win and to develop their game and their skills. The classes are not easy, will be challenging and push you out of your comfort zone.
  • Is expected to be a part of the training that a team member will undertake. It is expected that you will also begin a weight training programme and healthy eating protocols.

Please note, it is not mandatory for you to attend these classes. However, these classes are on offer to those students who wish to compete against others at various competition levels. Students who wish to join the team will need to prove their motivation, consistency and desire by becoming an athlete and by taking their BJJ evolution serious.

For those students who wish to join the team, please notify Professor Gillon and he will add you to the interest list.

For those students who wish to join but do not currently feel ready, a development plan can be organised and discussed with Professor Gillon, to help you reach the required level. Please discuss this at your next class.

Make 2019, the year you compete.

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