Saturday, August 31st sees the 10 year anniversary of GB in Glasgow and we are hosting a super seminar (1pm-3pm, £40) with Lagarto and a celebration night at Boteco the Brazilian restaurant in town!

It has been an amazing journey. 20 years ago we had our first Jiu Jitsu class under World Jiu Jitsu federation. This led to us evolving into Barra Jiu Jitsu and 20 years in, we are still growing by the day. Lagarto has been a frequent visitor to our school, is the Professor of Ricky Gillon, and a good friend.

Over the years we have trained hundreds of people of varying abilities and disabilities ranging from kids to adults, beginners and champions. We have delivered programs supporting kids anti bullying and the Princess Trust Young Offenders as well as delivering our classes 6 days a week. We are proud to have helped so many people through Jiu Jitsu at our school.

We would like to thank everyone who trains, and who has trained with us, to make this a success and welcome you along on August 31st so book your space at GB Glasgow now!

You can book in person or by emailing