Given the time of year, I feel it is a good chance to talk about the benefits of goal setting. A new year is a good chance to take a new approach when it comes to training and even the way you look at your day to day lives. This time last year, I was very on and off with my training and spending more time out partying to making excuses not to train than I was spending on the mat. I wanted a fresh start for 2012 and wanted to focus on the thing that I tend to think about most whether that’s lying in bed at night, in the shower or when I’m supposed to be working; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


At the turn of the year, I sat down and thought about realistic goals that I wanted to achieve over the next 12 months (both in my private life and in Jiu Jitsu). I strongly recommend giving it a try. Think about what you want out of life or in training, write it down either on a piece of paper or as a reminder in your phone and be sure to read it every day. Having something written down that you can physically see will give you that extra motivation and drive you need to achieve it. The goals you set are completely up to you. You can even set “mini-goals” like training a minimum of 3 times a week, for example. Just make sure the goals you set are realistic and achievable.


Visualisation is also a valuable tool and I think it goes hand in hand with goal setting. Chasing that illustrious blue belt or a medal at a specific tournament? Why not get a picture of it and stick it on your bathroom mirror so you see it every day when you’re brushing your teeth? You could also set the picture as the screensaver on your phone.


I am very happy with the year I’ve had. I set goals and accomplished most of them. The goal I am most happy about achieving is definitely receiving my blue belt. I was awarded my blue belt from Lagarto and Ricky exactly one year to the day of the first time I got my GB attendance card marked and I couldn’t have been happier. I thoroughly believe that goal setting and of course the support and guidance of my coaches and team mates was the main reason behind my growth as a Jiu Jitsu practitioner and also as a person this year.


I look forward to setting new goals for 2013 and achieving them side by side with my Gracie Barra family. Onwards and upwards boys. Let’s smash it. Ossss!


Paul Jollie

Gracie Barra Blue Belt